If you already know the name of the show you want to attend, please proceed directly to our Elevent ticketing page. The venue(s) are always listed on our ticketing platform and in the schedule that we publish in our Program Guide.

If you want to do research on our films and purchase tickets, please follow the three (3) steps below. As an international film festival, we usually aggregate films into shows, whereas a traditional movie theater sells tickets for individual films.

If you have any questions about the process of getting tickets, you can always contact us at


Step One: Read the Official Program Guide


Step Two: Visit the Official Blog

For more in-depth previews of NHFF Official Selection films and a rich archive of past screenings and awards, visit the Festival’s ever-popular Blog by Blogger.


Step Three: Get Tickets at Elevent

The Festival’s official ticketing vendor is Elevent, a cutting-edge web solution where tickets for all NHFF in-person events and virtual screenings are purchased. Here you can search for available film shows, watch trailers and explore other opportunities-all in our online¬†Elevent ticketing portal.Advance tickets go on sale every season on June 15th.¬†

Printed copies of the Program Guide are available for purchase at New Hope Photo, 358 W. Bridge Street on the outskirts of New Hope before and during our annual event. The Guide is also available at official NHFF venues whenever films are showing.

Advance ticket purchases are non-refundable under most circumstances. If a major weather event, power outage or other circumstance prevents a scheduled show from happening at the time planned, the Festival will make every reasonable attempt to reschedule the films or transfer tickets to other shows of the ticket holders’ choosing. If the Festival cannot or chooses not to reschedule a show, then tickets are refundable at the face value of the ticket.